Edgewood Neighborhood, Lawrence, KS. 2015.

Led by muralists Amber Hansen, Nicholas Ward and assistant muralist Jafiya Birdling All in My Neighborhood is an imaginative, collaborative, mural that explores the rich cultural roots, daily life and future aspirations of the Edgewood community. Project collaborators include

Edgewood neighborhood residents, LDCHA staff, and Full Circle Youth Program. Special thanks goes to the project coordinators Chris Lempa, Mary Orem and to Doug and his team for their help installing the panels.








Oscar Howe Mural
Mobridge, South Dakota
Scherr-Howe Arena, Mobridge, SD.  
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North Side Community Garden Mural
Lead Artists: Amber Hansen & Lorenzo Teasley. Created with the North Side Neighborhood & the Hub City Farmers market. 4’ x 20’, Spartanburg, SC. 2014

Food and Love

This fun mural was a collaboration between Amber Hansen, Nicholas Ward and Eli Blasko. Many friends of HUB-BUB helped in the paint!  10ft x 30ft, HUB-BUB, Spartanburg, SC. 2014

C.L. Hoover Opera House Murals

Picture History, First Floor

acrylic on canvas, 8’ x 30’

Junction City, Kansas. 2008


Junction City Proudly Presents, Second Floor acrylic on canvas, 10’ x 30’

Junction City, Kansas. 2008


The Kansas Preservation Alliance Award of Excellence for Historic Preservation Projects honored the C.L. Hoover Opera House Murals in 2009.



Indian Christ Mural
by Oscar Howe
Acrylic on Canvas, 6’ x 9’,
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church,
Vermillion, SD. 2007
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